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What We Can Do for You?

Buying Property

Reaching for the stars and filling your dreams with gorgeous property has never been easier. We at Plots and buildings want you to get in touch so we can offer our service that will help make this process go as smoothly for you possible!

Selling Property

With a property to sell, you need the expertise of an experienced professional who knows how best market and promote it. We have access not only to all types of properties but also marketing strategies that will work for any type or size lot!

Get Assessment

Sometimes it's not enough to know what a property is worth. You need an expert in assessing that knowledge and get the most value for your investment! Why spend time driving around town when we can provide all of this service at once?

Buy Property In 4 Easy Steps (No Scam)

To get startup and grow properly, you need money and the right partners, where we come to take your business to the next level with the right financing.


Consult With Our Real Estate Agent

We’re excited to help you get your dream property. Our real estate agent can answer all of your questions and make sure that everything is in order for the sale or purchase!


Choose Property From Available Options

When you’re looking to buy a new property, it can be difficult knowing which option would best suit your needs. To make this decision easier for yourself we’ve put together some information on each of the properties available and what they have in common – take advantage by choosing from one or more options!



If you choose to make a deposit on your new property, we’ll send an invoice with instructions for payment. Making this investment provides numerous benefits including that both parties will have access before deciding whether or not they want the property and that if someone else wants it first then there’s less risk in going through all of those hoops just so he can get what should already be yours!


Own Your Dream Property

Finally, you are the proud owner of your dream property! The stressful process has been made easy by Plotsnbuilding real estate.

Clients Feedback

Mohsin Zammurad
Country Head : Nestle UK
"I would recommend Plots and Buildings, because they are the best. I have used them myself for my own property, and I can assure you that their services are top-notch!"
Kamran Sattar Chaudhri
Associate Chartered Accountant (UK)
Fellow Chartered Accountant (Pakistan)

"The best real estate company, they have great experience in the field and will help you find what you're looking for."
Col (r) Muhammad Latif
Ex Advisor PakSat
"I recommend plots and building, they're very professional and they helped turn a stressful situation into an easy one."

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