DHA Islamabad

The new DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi reflects the ambitious vision for a place where people can live, work and play in an environment designed with them at its heart.

The project offers residential communities to suit your needs as well commercial real estate developments which will cater towards all of today’s lifestyles – from office spaces or industrial zones through hotels & restaurants upmarket stores! There are also mixed use schemes incorporating public space amenities like parks too so you’ll never feel far away from nature even when surrounded by it on every side!.

Phase 1

With breath-taking views and an exceptional way of life, DHA Phase I Community is a spectacular destination for those who want to live in the lap of luxury. The luxurious amenities are carefully planned so as not only meet residents' needs but also exceed them with unrivaled features such as private pools or gyms - one on every floor!

Phase 2

Located between Grand Trunk Road and Islamabad Highway lies our DHA phase II, which has 15,075 kanals of land for development. All the sectors are fully urbanized with tranquil scenes that provide peace in mind; it also offers luxury convenience to its residents as they make adjustments from rural living into city life again!

Phase 3

Located in the enchanting Potohar Region, DHA Phase III promises elegant town planning with modernized residential and commercial areas set against a serene backdrop. Development of this phase has commenced since December 2016; so far over 3500 kanals have been developed! Imagine your address here: it's grand landscapes will leave you smiling from ear-toear while proximity to major schools, hospitals banks or shopping mall maximizes living joy for all its residents cineplexes guarantee that movie time never gets old

Phase 4

The new development, DHA Phase IV is located in close proximity to the first three phases. The natural landscape provides scenic views for residents and it's beautifully set on semi-hilly ground with contoured terraces that allow you can see without climbed up into your home! elegant amenities like green areas will keep people coming back again Executive summary: this project includes 4000 kanals (1500 acres) where high end living meets recreational facilities & beautiful scenery at affordable prices

Phase V

DHA Phase V is a cityscape and natural beauty. It was formerly known as Commoner's Town, with about 7000 kanals of land that has been renamed to DHA phase V in 2006 after it expanded into an area between Islamabad Highway on one side and Larka Boulevard/Dhaka Expressway intersection another end

DHA Valley

DHA VALLEY is a planned township that was launched on 18 August 2008. This new development will be an extension of Phase 6, and it's adjacent to Ex-Phase II Extention land with heavy earthmoving equipment deployed already transforming landscapes & valleys into world class masterplanned community!

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