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DHA Islamabad? All You need to Know

DHA Islamabad is another name for the Defense Housing Authority. This housing society is located in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, and is the largest and most prestigious housing scheme in Pakistan. It has been home to thousands of people who have moved from across the country just for their love of this project. The rich building culture, beautiful greenery, and amazing infrastructure make DHA a one-of-a-kind property to live in. 

DHA Islamabad offers various residential plots and apartments with beautiful designs, layouts, sizes and facilities as well as complete security measures such as 24/7 guards on duty at every corner of this huge housing complex. There are also different types of commercial spaces which include shopping malls, restaurants, banks etc., so you can enjoy your daily routine life.

Phases of DHA

Phase 1:

DHA Phase 1 is located on Grand Trunk Road and has been named as DHA-I. It is the best location in Islamabad that offers a clean, peaceful and green environment to its inhabitants. This phase is one of the most famous residential schemes in Pakistan where there are different types of houses available from luxurious villas to medium-sized plots.

Phase 2:

This is the second phase of DHA and is located at a distance of 5 to 10 minutes from DHA-I, where all luxurious houses are available for sale including four 1 Kanal, 13 Marla, 14 Marla and eight 9 Marlas plots. This area is fully covered with pine trees giving a calming green environment to its inhabitants. There are different types of houses available in this housing society including villas, plots, medium size plots, and apartments.

Phase 3:

DHA-III is the third phase of this housing scheme that offers medium-sized plots of different sizes. There are four 4 Marla, eight 5 Marla, 60ft wide roads, and many other amenities. The commercial spaces are also present here to provide you with everything which you need in your day to day life.

Phase 4:

DHA-IV is considered to be the fourth best phase of this housing scheme. There are parks, schools and shopping plazas in every block. This phase offers medium-sized plots that can be used for the construction of houses according to your requirements. You can get all facilities such as water, electricity and other necessities along with the security which makes it an ideal location to live in.

Phase 5:

Phase 5 of DHA is one of the most beautiful and peaceful housing societies in Islamabad which provides you with all types of facilities and opportunities to live a comfortable life. There are different-sized plots available here along with amazing shopping malls and parks for recreation and relaxation.

Phase 6:

This is the final phase of DHA which has various types of houses available for sale. There are four 1 Kanal, 13 Marla, 14 Marla, and eight 9 Marla plots available here. You can get all basic amenities here including electricity, water, security, etc., at affordable prices. The commercial areas are also available here to provide you with all facilities.

DHA Valley:

Another beautiful housing scheme by DHA is DHA Valley which has been developed to provide people with various options of houses. This village-style housing society offers low-budget plots which can be used for the construction of houses and villas. There are different types of houses available here including four 1 Kanal, 13 Marla, and 14 Marla plots. The greenery and lush green environment also make it an ideal location that provides peace of mind.

Why DHA?

There are many reasons why DHA is considered the best housing society in Islamabad. It has been developed to provide people with low-budget plots for the construction of houses. All you need is a suitable location and a little money to get a wonderful house that can be used for recreation purposes as well as for living purposes.

DHA offers variety of houses in different sizes with all facilities available at affordable rates. There are parks, schools and shopping plazas available here for entertainment purposes as well. All you need is to pay some money and get your dream house that can be used for residential as well as commercial purposes.

These are the reasons why DHA is considered as one of the best housing schemes in Pakistan. This is a peaceful location with lush greenery and all types of facilities available at affordable prices. DHA has been developed to make life easy for you by providing you with houses according to your requirements, so what are you waiting for? Invest some money and get an excellent house here today!


DHA provides you with everything that is required whether it be residential or commercial. The security, parks, schools, and shopping plazas make it a complete society to enjoy life at its fullest. There is no dearth of entertainment in this housing scheme which makes it an ideal location for living in Islamabad.


DHA has a well-established medical facility in almost all phases that provide people with excellent health facilities. There are separate private hospitals for males and females which have specialized doctors working here to provide treatment in every field of medicine including surgery, gynecology, dermatology, pediatric, and many other specializations.


DHA provides you with schools for boys and girls located near the residential areas. These schools not only provide standard education but also train students to become good citizens who can contribute in the development of society.


DHA Islamabad has mosques located in all phases with a capacity of more than 5000 people. People can go for offering prayers throughout the day and night to stay connected with Allah Almighty. There are separate facilities for ladies to go for prayers without any restrictions.

Shopping Malls:

The commercial area of DHA Islamabad is built with different types of shops including banks, supermarkets and many other facilities. The commercial areas are designed to give you everything that you need under one roof. There are gyms, restaurants and good quality cafes to enjoy food with family and friends.

Police Stations:

DHA is considered as one of the most secure housing schemes in Islamabad because it has police stations located in all phases. The security staff keeps an eye on every activity taking place here which makes it safe for everyone. There is also a police van available in every phase which can be reached for help at any time.

Environmental Factors:

Some areas of DHA Islamabad have a lush green environment which makes it a perfect location to live life according to our own terms. The parks located inside the housing society allow people to go for nature walks and enjoy fresh air.

Public Parks:

There are different public parks located inside DHA Islamabad which are open for all public use. These places are designed to give people a place where they can spend time with family and friends in peaceful surroundings. The lush green environment also makes it an ideal location for living purposes.


DHA has a well organized security system which is monitored by different staff members during day and night shifts. There are guards available at all important locations and checkpoints to ensure safety for women and children. The society also has ambulances and fire brigade services available if needed.


DHA Islamabad has an international standard school from kindergarten to O-level having the capacity of 3500 students catering for different nationalities. It has an experienced faculty who are trained to provide quality education. The schools also have the facility of bus service for students travelling from outside DHA.


DHA Islamabad has a fully developed fitness center having different types of exercise equipment available to keep you fit. There are also separate facilities for ladies and men which allow them to stay healthy from inside out.


There are lush green gardens located in all phases of DHA which provide an ideal place for walking and fresh air. The garden is designed in such a way that it gives you privacy and allows you to enjoy natural beauty.


DHA has one of the best cricket stadiums in Islamabad where people can go for sports events. There are also facilities available inside the housing society including judo, football and tennis courts to play different games.

Public Transport:

Public transport is available from the entrance of DHA Islamabad which provides easy access to different areas of Islamabad. There are regular bus services and mini-vans available for commuting purposes.


DHA has a zoo located in Phase V which displays many rare types of animals including lions, tigers, bears and leopards. It has a capacity of more than 3000 people who can go for visiting the zoo and spend some time watching different species.


There are many banks located inside DHA Islamabad which provide facilities to withdraw money through ATM cards at any time. There is also an exchange facility available here for foreign currency.


Different types of restaurants are available inside DHA Islamabad which include a fine dining in the Chinese restaurant located inside the main entrance. There is also a Pakistani and continental cuisine available to enjoy food with family and friends.

DHA property exchange:

DHA has a property exchange available online and on the spot where you can buy and sell your property. You can find both pre-owned and new homes listed here at reasonable prices with all necessary information that you need. There is also an option to rent out your property if needed.

Online DHA utility bills:

DHA Islamabad has an online system to pay electricity and water bills which makes it easy for all members. You can also contact the department if needed through email. The facility of online bill payment saves time and energy making it convenient for everyone.


DHA Islamabad has a separate department for horticulture where different types of vegetables and fruits are grown to be supplied in the market. The society also provides you with the facility to grow your own food and sell it in the market if needed.

Complaint management system:

If you face any type of problem-related to DHA Islamabad such as load shedding, gas issues, and security problems you can use the complaint management system. This online facility allows members and residents to register their complaints and get solutions through efficient staff members. You can also contact other utility companies through this service if needed.

Procedure for DHA Islamabad Registration:

To buy a property in DHA Islamabad, you need to visit the official website and register online by providing your name, CNIC and email address. You will be directed to the next window where you can select a phase of the housing society which will calculate the price on its own. You can make a down payment of 10% of the total price and go to DHA office for registration.

Documents required:     

– Original CNIC copy along with photocopy

– Passport size photographs

– Property papers

– Receipt of down payment if any


– The first step is to take your CNIC and original property papers to the bank or broker.

– The next step is to go DHA Islamabad office with a receipt of down payment and all other documents proving ownership of the property.

– You will be given a token number at the main gate which you need to show at different sections including verification, registry and the sale counter.

– A series of interviews will be conducted before the final approval of the registration process which you need to attend with all documents ready. You can also choose to take a lawyer or representative with you for this purpose.

Getting DHA Islamabad Loans:  

DHA has an online loan system which makes it easy for members to get loans from different banks and financial institutions.

You can also contact DHA for loans at a fixed rate to buy your dream property in the society.

DHA Islamabad Property Prices:  

There are different phases of DHA Islamabad where each phase has its own price list including sizes and features. You need to visit the official website and choose a phase where you can find different sizes of plots and apartments.


DHA Islamabad has different affiliates that are working together to develop the society including other housing societies, banks and financial institutions. You can contact other affiliates if needed through DHA for any purpose related to your property.

DHA Islamabad Jobs:

There are many jobs for all different types of people in DHA Islamabad. There is a separate section for job listings where you can find daily openings related to the development of DHA Islamabad.

For instance, if you are looking for a job in security, you can visit the official website and choose a job where you will be helped. You can also make enquiries through email or contact numbers provided about available jobs.


DHA Islamabad is one of the most posh and upscale areas in Pakistan. It has a number of shopping malls, restaurants and other amenities to keep you entertained. The aim of this project was to provide better living standards and quality of life for all Pakistanis by providing them with social, economic and physical infrastructure in their respective areas. On an annual basis, it will be working on improving these sectors through promotion and development activities including public education programs.  It is important to note that DHA Islamabad has been a reliable and trustworthy company for many years now, so there’s no need to worry about their credibility or trustworthiness. 


  • Is DHA Islamabad safe?

DHA Islamabad is a highly secure location with all the necessary security arrangements for its residents and staff.

  • Is there any 15 years installment plan in DHA Islamabad?

DHA Islamabad has no installment plan for plots but apartments are available with installments up to 10 years.

  • How much down payment for DHA Islamabad registration?

The down payment for registration depends on the phase you are choosing, but it is usually 10% of the total amount.

  • Which is best Bahria Town or DHA?

DHA Islamabad offers better facilities and amenities than Bahria Town. Both have their own unique features that you need to compare before making a choice.

  • Which are the good schools in DHA Islamabad?

Some of the best schools in DHA Islamabad include Soldier’s Public School, APS (Army Public School), Beacon House School System and more.

  • Why DHA is so expensive?

DHA has become expensive because of its prime location and facilities. It is also surrounded by other housing societies like Bahria Town Islamabad.

  • Is there any commercial area in DHA?

There are residential plots available for commercial use in all different phases of DHA Islamabad where you can construct your own business complex after registration.

  • What are the main features of DHA Islamabad?

DHA Islamabad has different phases to choose from where there are different sizes of plots and apartments in each phase. The main features include shopping malls, security arrangements, schools, amusement parks, and much more.

  • Is the property legal?

The property is legal after registration with all necessary documents required by law.

  • Can I buy a 4-marla in DHA Islamabad?

Yes, you can buy 4 marla in DHA Islamabad where the rates and land size depend on the location of your plot or apartment.

  • Which is the best DHA Islamabad phase?

The different phases of DHA Islamabad have all been developed and designed to give you a quality and luxurious life. You need to compare these phases before making a decision according to your requirements.


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