Promote Your Residential Listing Using OneStream Studio

Promote Your Residential Listing Using OneStream Studio

With so many real estate software options available to marketers today, it can be tricky to know which one is best for your business. However, OneStream has emerged as a top choice for many residential real estate professionals because of its ease of use and seamless integration with other software tools. 

Residential real estate agents especially love using the OneStream Studio tool for photo editing and image management. This video will walk you through how to promote your listing using OneStream Studio by creating an appealing virtual tour that you can upload directly to your listing on the MLS. 

If you’re ready to get started, watch this video and read on for more details about how it works.

What is OneStream Studio?

OneStream Studio is a software tool that allows you to create and edit high-quality images and videos right on your computer. You can upload the media files to your website and social media pages—including your listing on the MLS. You can also use Studio to create virtual tours and videos of your listings. 

OneStream Studio offers a few advantages over other photo and video editing tools, including: Full integration with OneStream – All media created using Studio can be easily uploaded to other software tools, including your website, real estate CRM, and the MLS. 

Built-Multiple Automated editing tools to reduce editing time, such as the ability to “auto-fix” photos. A built-in library that you can use to store photos and videos for easy access in the future.

Step 1: Upload photos of your listing

Before you create a virtual tour, it’s important to upload high-quality photos of your listing. The images you select will be used in your listing on the MLS. Photos can also be used in your advertising and on any marketing materials. If your photos aren’t professional, it can negatively impact your chances of getting the listing sold quickly. Uploading the best photos possible is the first step to creating an exceptional listing experience for your clients. 

Using OneStream Studio, upload the best photos of your listing. You can also import photos from a USB drive if you have them stored there. To upload photos, open Studio and click the “Images” tab. Click “Add Images” to select photos from your computer. You can add multiple photos at once. When you’re done uploading, select your photos to bring them to the front of the library.

Step 2: Add a virtual tour of the listing

With your best images uploaded, you can create a virtual tour of your listing to showcase the home’s features. A virtual tour is a great way to encourage potential buyers to visit your listing in person. They’re also helpful when bringing in leads and answering questions via email or phone calls. With OneStream Studio, you can create a virtual tour of your listing right inside the app. 

To add a tour, click the “Tours” tab. Click “Add Tour” to bring up the tour editor. Select your photos from the library to add them to the tour. You can also select new photos from the “Add Images” menu. To add a video, click “Add Video” to select a video file from your computer. When you’re done adding media, click “Play” to preview your tour.

Step 3: Add video and text ad promoting your listing

While you’re in the tour editor, you can also add a video advertisement to promote your listing. This can be a great way to increase traffic to your listing and show more people why they should buy your listing. You can also add a text ad below the video. This is a quick and easy way to drive leads to your listing. To add a video or text ad, click the “Add” button under each type of ad. 

Select a video or text ad to bring up the editor. To create an ad, click the “Add New” button and select “New Advertisement”. To edit an existing ad, click the “Edit” button. You can add multiple videos and text ads to your tour. Click “Add Video” or “Add Text“ to add another video or text ad.


Creating a virtual tour is a great way to promote your listing and encourage potential buyers to visit the property. With OneStream Studio, you can create a professional-quality tour right from your computer. Upload the best photos of your listing and create a tour that highlights the listing’s best features. This will help bring in more traffic to your listing and increase your chances of selling the home quickly.

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